Search forms are interactive elements on a website that allow users to search for content on the website. Search forms typically consist of a text input field, where users can enter their search query, and a search button, where users can submit their search query to the website.

Search forms are commonly found on the homepage or navigation bar of a website, and they are designed to help users quickly and easily find the content that they are looking for on the website. Search forms can be customized and tailored to the specific content and structure of a website, and they can include advanced features and options, such as filters, categories, and suggestions.

To use a search form, users simply need to enter their search query in the text input field, and click or tap on the search button. The search form will then process the user’s query, and display the search results on the website, either on the same page or on a new page.

Overall, search forms are a valuable tool for websites that have a large or complex content structure, and that want to provide a convenient and user-friendly way for users to find the content that they are looking for on the website. By using search forms, website owners can improve the user experience of their website, and increase the chances of users finding and engaging with the content on the website.

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