Thumbnails are small versions of images that are used on websites to preview or showcase the full-size image. These thumbnails are typically smaller in size and resolution than the original image, and they are used to save space and improve the performance of a website.

In SEO, thumbnails can be important for improving the user experience and the performance of a website. By using thumbnails instead of full-size images, businesses can reduce the loading time of their website and improve the user experience. This can help improve the ranking and visibility of a website in search engine results.

To use thumbnails on a website, businesses can use image editing software to create a smaller version of the image, or they can use a website’s built-in thumbnail feature. Once the thumbnail is created, it can be added to the website and linked to the full-size image.

By using thumbnails and optimizing the images on their website, businesses can improve the performance and ranking of their site in search engine results.

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